Suicide (Hitabdut)


As a successful lawyer, Dafna has often used questionable tactics to win her clients’ cases. In fact, she uses these same tactics while being held at the police station as a primary suspect of her husband’s suicide/murder. But can Dafna get herself out of the station before more damage is done? Or is the mere fact that she is a suspect enough to guarantee danger to all those she loves?


Suicide is an action thriller that explores the limits we are willing to overcome in order to ensure the safety of our loved ones. The film is able to do this through continuous time lapses that allows us to understand, without judgement, why Dafna makes the decisions she makes. In fact, this film is a clear testament that sometimes it is easier to analyse the reasoning behind an action after it has already been done.

*The recommended snack for this film is: Ice Cream!!

Outstanding Performances

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 10.21.04 AM.png

Dror Keren: Romi is a very tenacious detective whose intellect can often cloud his judgement. Keren’s portrayal of him as a snarky, sassy, and sarcastic individual with a quirky charm and charisma inevitably attracts the audience. Nonetheless, it is actually his adamant desire to solve the case that really makes him an outstanding character.

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 10.35.07 AM.png

Mali Levi: Dafna’s cold and often condescending personality allows her to easily manipulate and piss off even the worst of the loan-shark villains. Levi’s interpretation of her is captivating and exemplary because it shows a woman who is strong and capable of solving problems in highly strenuous situations, without having to succumb to the stereotypical dramatic emotions often assigned to female characters in movies and literature.

– PopNach


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