7th Floor (Séptimo)


A game between Sebastian and his children ends in suspense after the children suddenly disappear from the apartment complex they reside in. Conscious of the lack of time he has before the kidnappers decide to hurt them, Sebastian uses all the skills and resources available to him – sometimes even breaking the law he, as a lawyer, has sworn to abide by.


7th Floor is a fantastic thriller that feeds off the viewer’s anxiousness and the main character’s unpredictable, and often, aggressive behavior.  The film’s focus on Sebastian’s perception of trust, as he constantly questions the possibility of those around him being involved, allows us to be empathetic with a more lenient attitude towards some of his illegal actions.  At the same time, the story provides us with an interesting look into an individual’s mind and it’s ability to determine that whats wrong or right depends on the circumstances.

*The recommended snack for this film is: Coffee!!

Outstanding Performances


Ricardo Darín: Darín’s interpretation of Sebastian can be described as phenomenal and at times obsessive. In fact, although the audience is aware of the circumstances that are making him unpredictable, there are a few moments where the only visible emotion is his madness.

– PopNach


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