The Little Prince


In a world where being a grown up is the priority, a Little Girl becomes fascinated by the imagination and charisma of her new neighbor, The Aviator. As they define the world around them through stories about the Little Prince, The Little girl discovers the true meaning of friendship, love and happiness – a lesson she won’t easily forget.


The Little Prince is a marvelous animated re-telling of one of our childhood’s most beloved stories by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. With its bright colors and use of different animation techniques, the film really accentuates imagination as its focus and manages to bring not only the point of view of a child into consideration but also invite viewers, children and adults alike, to interpret the events occurring in the film in various ways. Although the film is intended to be a children’s movie, The Little Prince serves as a great reminder for those of us that have grown up and forgotten that once upon a time we were children that knew what we were looking for.

*The recommended snack for this film is: Candy!!

Outstanding Performances


Mackenzie Foy : The Little Girl’s lifestyle, before meeting The Aviator, is a perfect example of many children and young adults who are disciplined, coerced or advised to only focus on the academic aspects of their lives. As we know, this pressure tends to prevent them from enjoying their childhoods and discovering their passions that, usually, lead them to seek degrees and careers that interests them. Nevertheless, her lifestyle after meeting The Aviator proves that although growing up is inevitable, she can still rely on her curiosity, creativity and imagination as a grown up.

Jeff Bridges : The Aviator is perhaps a character the majority of us are familiar with in our daily lives. He or she is usually a supporting person that not only advises you but also allows you to grow through experience. The best thing about The Aviator is that he questions The Little Girl not to belittle her but to instead invite her to reflect on her choices while at the same time expanding her curiosity.  

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 11.44.39 AM.png

Riley Osborne : The Little Prince is a character that thrives on his wisdom and inquisitive nature by constantly putting himself in situations he doesn’t necessarily know or understand yet. His easy manner and judgement allows him to quickly analyze a situation and determine the overall message of it. Once he figures out the message he shares it through the most difficult and often forgotten aspect of common sense – simplicity. 

James Franco : The Fox is a peculiar and intriguing character for although he is clever and completely able to take care of himself, he desires to be tamed and therefore become the subject of attention, love and affection to someone else. This of course portrays the human need for being perceived as worthy and being cherished by others, even though our abilities, skills and talents can and have allowed us to take care of ourselves so far. 

– PopNach


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