Boy Meets Girl


For transgirl Ricky, life has always been about defining and embracing her true identity even under the strain of constant ridicule. Now that she is all grown up however, she is adamant about investigating the aspects of her sexuality  – a journey that becomes even more interesting when a charming debutante comes into town.


Boy Meets Girl explores the wonderful and intriguing characteristics of human sexuality in a world where the terms identity and choice are often undifferentiated and used incorrectly. The film focuses on the overpowering emotion of passion, love and identity while at the same time providing an inside look into the struggles that transexual individuals face everyday. Its message is simple and yet so powerful: we are not a title, orientation or classification – we are just human.

*The recommended snack for this film is: A latte!!

Outstanding Performances

boymeetsgirl_Still002Photo Credit to The Film Collaborative

Michelle Hendley: If, like me, this was the first time you heard about this actress trust me when I say you will need to remember her. Although Hendley’s acting was phenomenal in the film, her personification of Ricky was even more sincere, relatable and hard to forget due to the fact that she is a transgirl herself. With sarcastic comments and sassy replies, Ricky makes it hard for the audience and lovers not to fall in love with her.

Alexandra Turshen: The interaction between Ricky and Francesca is very intriguing because both of the characters are curious about unexplored sexual desires. Turshen’s interpretation of Francesca as a caring, hopeful and understanding character is refreshing since it showcases a more positive attitude towards the trans community. All in all, their on-screen chemistry and friendship is undeniably something to learn from.

– PopNach


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