The Fundamentals of Caring


When Ben first applied to be Trevor’s caregiver he never really thought about the consequences of being hired. After accepting the job however, he is determined to provide Trevor the assistance he needs plus the motivation to get out of his comfort zone and explore the world.


The Fundamentals of Caring perfectly combines dark humor, sarcasm and eccentricity in its motivational portrayal of friendship, trust and hope. Its focus on the relationships and effects of our life choices offers the audience a different perspective into the shaping of an individual’s character. Overall, this film is an exceptional tale that definitely needs to be spread and endorsed to everyone – specially those of us that are in need of some inspiration.

*The recommended snack for this film is: Slim Jim Beef Jerky!!

Outstanding Performances


Photo Credit to Selena Gomez News

Paul Rudd: In spite of the fact that we are used to Rudd’s dry humor and often sarcastic remarks in most of the movies he acts in, his portrayal of Ben was a deep and emotional one. In fact, throughout the story we see a couple of glimpses of his past and begin to understand the reasoning behind his actions that, without context, would be considered remorseful and on occasions resentful.

Selena Gomez: The majority of us are used to seeing Gomez in films that depict her as innocent, funny, and cheerful. However, during the film she surprised the audience with a rebellious and darkly optimistic attitude in her supporting role as Dot. To tell the truth this has been by far her most impressive performance since Disney.

Craig Roberts: Although Rudd and Gomez were amazing in the film – Roberts’ performance was the cherry on the top. As a matter of fact, his impeccable comedic delivery and facial expressions can only be topped by the incredible emotional emphasis he provides to his character.

– PopNach


2 thoughts on “The Fundamentals of Caring

    1. That’s a really good question! In the movie, Trevor is used to living life a certain way. He has a set schedule and menu. Since Ben is aware of this he looks for ways to make him do things he wouldn’t normally do. Amongst those things is introducing Trevor to the wonders of Beef Jerky. I hope this answers your question 🙂

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